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Tuesday 2nd July – Open Night

This month is for personal projects whether they be a germ of an idea, a work in progress or a completed body of images. Come along for some constructive criticism on your own project or to see what the photographic zeitgeist is.

Everyone welcome.

Tuesday 4th June – Transition

“a passage from one place, state, stage, style or subject to another”

The June meeting of the DCC is Tuesday 4th June from 7pm at the Outhouse on Broughton Street Lane.  

The theme is ‘Transition’ – bring along one or two prints or just come along for the discussion.  

New members are always welcome to join us for the evening and find out more.

Tuesday 7th May – Hidden Edinburgh

The May meeting of the DCC is Tuesday 7th May from 7pm at the Outhouse on Broughton Street Lane.  

The theme is ‘Hidden Edinburgh (or your area)’ – bring along one or two prints or just come along for the discussion.  

New members are always welcome to join us for the evening and find out more.

Hidden Edinburgh Photo
Hidden Edinburgh – Fountainbridge Brewery site with Union Canal

For anyone new to the group, the Democratic CC (Democratic Camera Club) is a group of artists and photographers from across central Scotland who meet monthly in Edinburgh to provide inspiration and thoughtful feedback to members.

The Democratic CC’s interest is in the images, the ideas and the responses they provoke – technical chat is kept to a minimum! There is no requirement to become a ‘member’ and no fee to come along (apart from the cost of a drink).  

The next couple of meetings coming up are:

  • Tues 4th June: ‘Transition’
  • Tues 2nd July: Open Night

Suggestions please for themes and activities for the second half of the year!

Tuesday 2nd April – Open Night

From the first inkling of an idea to works-in-progress and completed projects bring along what you have been working on to share with the group.

Double Takes by John Sumpter

Everyone welcome.

Tuesday 5th March – Layers

Layered subjects, layered meaning, layered arrangements and collage, layers for image editing and manipulation. Lots of possibilities for this months theme.

photo Transparent and reflected layers of view
Transparent and reflected layers of view,

Everyone welcome. Bring along some prints or just join in the discussion.

Tuesday 5th February – Darkness

This months topic is Darkness – apt for this time of year in Scotland.

Photographers like Brassai and Bill Schwab used artificial light and the effects of swirling fog to great effect depicting the urban environments of Paris and Michigan. Others have painted light into the darkness such as Susan Hillbrand and Jozef Sedlak or used low-key techniques to great effect like Arnold Newman. Perhaps the most important photographs of darkness though are those which shine the light on the dark heart of society and lead to reform as per Lewis Hine‘s work exposing child labour practices and campaigning for reform.

2019 – January to July

Here are some dates for the diary –

January 12th – Saturday 2:30pm at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery Queens Street to see the final day of the Trains, Planes and Auto-mobiles photography exhibition.

From February to July we will be meeting on the first Tuesday of the month from 7pm at The Outhouse, Broughton Street Lane. The activities and themes are as follows:

February 5th – Activity – Darkness (Making the most of the low light)

March 5th – Theme – Layered (Meaning and image)

April 2nd – Open – Personal projects

May 7th – Activity – Hidden Edinburgh (or your local area)

June 4th – Theme – Transition (Depicting change)

July 2nd – Open – Personal projects

Wednesday 3rd October – Empty

3rd October 2018 Empty

Our next meeting is at the Outhouse from 7pm on Wednesday the 3rd of October. This months theme is “Empty”. Be inspired by the sudden quiet after the fringe, Eggleston’s empty America or interpret one of the words many definitions –

adjective: empty;

  • containing nothing; not filled or occupied.
  • (of words or a gesture) lacking meaning or sincerity.
  • having no value or purpose.

verb: empty;

  • remove all the contents of (a container).

noun: empty; plural noun: empties

  • a bottle or glass left empty of its contents.

June’s reading –

The minute you start saying something, ‘Ah, how beautiful! We must photograph it!’ you are already close to the view of the person who thinks that everything that is not photographed is lost, as if it had never existed, and that therefore, in order really to live, you must photograph as much as you can, and to photograph as much as you can you must either live in the most photographable way possible, or else consider photographable every moment of your life. The first course leads to stupidity; the second to madness.”

by Italo Calvino

Wednesday 6th June – 10×10

The next DCC meeting will be on Wednesday June 6th at 7pm at the Outhouse on Broughton Street Lane. Weather permitting, we suggest everyone heading out to take 10 shots in 10 minutes – for discussion around the act of making images, and potentially for showing the images at a future DCC…

Everyone is welcome as are all ideas!

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