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March meeting – Cancelled

The March meeting is cancelled in view of the weather. Stills have postponed their earlier talk. We thought we should follow suit.

The theme ‘Neighbourhood’ will be carried forward to April.

March 1st Meeting

Stills have pointed out that they have a talk in the Gallery space upstairs between 6 pm and 7 pm.  Have a look at their website for details. If you arrive at Stills before 7 pm you will need to wait until the talk is over to gain access downstairs. Camera Club will go ahead as normal downstairs after the talk finishes.

So, choices are: to go the talk and then on to Camera Club, or time your arrival for after 7 pm.

March Meeting, Thursday 1st March, 7pm

The theme for the meeting is Neighbourhood. Well, everyone has got a neighbourhood haven’t they? What’s happening in yours? If the answer is nothing, you’ll need to find somewhere more interesting. Don’t take too many risks though; it’s only a photograph after all.

The meeting takes place downstairs at Stills. Bring a print of you photograph, or themed group of photographs, so that we can display them on the wall.

£3 donation to Stills on the night.

February Meeting. Thursday 1st February, 7 pm.

The next meeting of the DCC is on Thursday, February 1st, at Stills, 7 pm. £3 donation to Stills on the night.

The theme is Surrealism. There are a lot of surrealist things happening in the world. Surrealism might even be the new normal.  If you manage to get a photograph of a surrealist happening, fake or real, it doesn’t matter to us, bring it along to the next DCC meeting at Stills.  Photographs should be in the form of prints.

January Meeting. Thursday 11th January 2018

The next meeting will be at Stills on Thursday 11th at 7pm.

The theme is Journey.


Artists’ BookMarket: 17/18 February 2018.

I have applied for a table at the Artists’ BookMarket which Stills are hosting on the weekend of 17th and 18th February next year. There are more details on Stills website.

If anyone has photobooks or photographic prints that they would like to sell you are welcome to join me (assuming that the application is successful).

I will pay the cost of the table, but I would like help in staffing it. If you are interested email me

December Meeting

The next meeting of the DCC will be at Stills on Thursday 7th December: doors open 6.30 pm for 7 pm start. £3 donation to Stills.

There is no set theme for the night. It’s your chance to talk about any project you’re working on, or thinking about starting. Bring along one or more printed images to illustrate your project.

Advance warning that the theme for January 2018 is Journey. You might like to think about this over the festive period.

Annual DCC Photobook 2017

I propose to put together a Blurb photobook of members’ photos from 2017. As in previous years, I will be using Blurb’s small square format. You don’t need to input a square photo, I’ll discuss the options when I see your image(s).

The choice of images is up to you, Just pick one or two from 2017 that you’re proud of. They don’t need to have been shown at Camera Club.

The procedure is that I make the book, circulate it for approval, and buy one copy; it will then exist permanently on Blurb’s website. You can view it on line, or buy your own hard copy if you like.

I’ll bring along some books from previous years to the next meeting.

Send jpegs to me: by December 1st 2017.

Thursday 2nd November 2017. ‘Paradox’

The next club evening is Thursday 2nd November at Stills. Doors open 6.30  for 7 pm start.

The theme is PARADOX. I have conducted extensive research to try to uncover the meaning of this word. As a result my mind is already totally messed up. All I can do is suggest that you carry out your own research.

You are required to bring along a photographic  printed image of a paradox. I suspect that you will need to explain what is paradoxical about your image, but if the paradox somehow reveals itself to us without explanation, that would be wonderful.

£3 donation to Stills on the night.

October 2017 Meeting: ‘Escape’

The next meeting is at Stills on Thursday October 12th. Note the change of date to the second Thursday of the month. Doors open 6.30 pm for 7 pm start. Donation of £3 to Stills on the night.

The theme is ‘Escape’.   Every day the news is full of people escaping from real dangers; escaping from war zones, from hurricanes, from earthquakes, from fires, from terrorist attacks, from famine.

Most of us don’t have these problems, but we still like to talk about escape; escaping from our day to day routine. We want to experience something new, new places, new people.

Bring along  one or more printed images to illustrate your take on the theme of escape. Come prepared to say a few words of interpretation and explanation.

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