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Themes for 2017

List of Camera Club Themes. 2017


We thought it would be useful to set out a whole year’s themes in advance.

We’ll still send a reminder every month, but this way you can keep future themes in mind when you make your photographic excursions.


January 12th Open (No set theme)
February 2nd Night Life
March 2nd Transformation
April 6th Reflection
May 4th Conflict / Protest
June 1st Sculpture / Sculptural
July 6th Lost and Found
August 3rd Happiness
September 7th The Thing Itself
October 5th Escape
November 2nd Paradox
December 7th Open (No set theme)

Spare themes (suggested but not yet scheduled):




The themes in heavy type are agreed. Other themes are provisional, but will be confirmed two months in advance. For example the May theme will be confirmed at the March meeting.

In general, there will not be an introductory talk, just general chat, and discussion of the images you bring along. Some months we might have a guest speaker. If so we’ll let you know in advance.


January 2017 – Open

January 2017 meeting

The next club meeting will be at Stills on Thursday 12th January. ( Note that this is the second Thursday in January).

The theme is open.

Just bring along some photos that you have taken recently, or talk about a project that you are working on.

The meeting will start at 7pm. Try to arrive between 6.30pm and 7pm so that we can start on time.

February 2017 – Nightlife

The next Democratic Camera Club will take place on Thursday 2nd February at 7pm at Stills.

The theme is NIGHTLIFE.Darkness can make things seem mysterious, exciting, and often frightening.

Many photographers have exploited this. Have a look at:

Todd Hido – Houses at Night;

Maciej Dakowicz – Cardiff After Dark;

Daisuke Yokota – Nocturnes.

What does Nightlife mean to you?

Bring along one or more prints to illustrate your interpretation of the theme. As usual, you are free to interpret this theme in anyway that you see fit.

Simply bring along your photo, or short series of photos, in printed form.

Doors open 6.30pm for 7pm start.

(The club is open to everyone who likes to take photographs and talk about them. You don’t have to present any work if you don’t want to. Just come along and join in the discussion.)

Please donate £3 directly to Stills to help them maintain their facilities for our use.


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