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April 2016 – The Wild

April’s theme is “The Wild”, presented by Phil McLean. From 7pm on the 7th of April at Stills.

For April’s DCC I will be exploring the theme of ‘The Wild’.

As someone who is never happier than when tramping through some midge-infested bog in a damp corner of the Highlands, I am interested in reflecting on the notion of ‘the wild’, or ‘wildness’, and what this means to us.

How has photography influenced our ideas of what wildness means, and how in turn have photographers responded to this concept?

Did photography help shape our very notions of wildness in the early days of the medium, by bringing images of unfamiliar and remote people and places into our homes?

Has photography simply been a neutral observer of the wildness that is ‘out there’, or has it touched on wider social and political implications of the concept?

How has photography and its relationship with wild places shaped our national identities and sense of self?

What remains of the notion of the wild in this age of goggle maps and satellite imagery, where every corner of the globe has seemingly been categorised and photographed? Are we losing touch with the natural world? Does it matter?

I will (probably) be looking at the work of some or all of: George and Ashley Abraham, Ansel Adams, Paul Strand, Fay Godwin, Colin Prior, Richard Long, and Sophie Gerrard, among others.

As always, there are many ways of interpreting the theme and I look forward to seeing a wide range of responses – happy image-making!

Please donate ~£3 to Stills to help them maintain the facilities for our use.

Photo Book Group March

The last meeting was on Tuesday the 16th of February from 11am at Checkpoint Cafe, 3 Bristo Place.

We discussed the following books:
La France, Raymond Depardon
An Unexpected Return On My Journey To The West, Chiu Yi-Chieh
Never Far, Sam Ash
The Death of a Beautiful Subject Sophy Rickett
Føroyar, Elmar Bambach
Insomniac Chronicles, Clayton Percy
The City is a Novel, Alexey Titarenko

Also mentioned Cathedrals of Culture.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday the 15th of March from 11am at Checkpoint Cafe, 3 Bristo Place. All welcome.

March 2016 – Solitude

March’s theme will be “Solitude”. Hosted by Dan Clipsom.

When: Thursday 3rd March from 7pm
Where: Stills

Just a reminder that I will be presenting next Thursday night on the theme of Solitude and steering the discussion around the work you bring to present.

I think it’s quite a broadly interpretable theme, whether solitude refers explicitly to the subject matter or implicitly as you look through the eyes of the photographer. It could be literal solitude in the sense of physical isolation, or you might consider aspects of social solitude and exclusion in the context of the local community or the global family.

I’ll be putting together a slide show exploring how the artists and photographers who have inspired me convey solitude. And those of you who know my work would probably say they were quite successful.

Please donate £3 to Stills on the night to help them maintain the facilities for our use.

February 2017 – Nightlife

The next Democratic Camera Club will take place on Thursday 2nd February at 7pm at Stills.

The theme is NIGHTLIFE.Darkness can make things seem mysterious, exciting, and often frightening.

Many photographers have exploited this. Have a look at:

Todd Hido – Houses at Night;

Maciej Dakowicz – Cardiff After Dark;

Daisuke Yokota – Nocturnes.

What does Nightlife mean to you?

Bring along one or more prints to illustrate your interpretation of the theme. As usual, you are free to interpret this theme in anyway that you see fit.

Simply bring along your photo, or short series of photos, in printed form.

Doors open 6.30pm for 7pm start.

(The club is open to everyone who likes to take photographs and talk about them. You don’t have to present any work if you don’t want to. Just come along and join in the discussion.)

Please donate £3 directly to Stills to help them maintain their facilities for our use.


February 2016 – The Present

February’s theme will be “The Present”. Hosted by George Clerk.

When: Thursday 4th February from 7pm
Where: Stills

I’m planning to look at the ways ‘the present’ has been explored in photography by briefly looking at how a few photographers in the past have represented ‘the present’, both in relation to the current world around them, and to attempts to represent the ‘present moment’, something that perhaps photography has an opportunity to do well.

Then I’ll be looking at the ways that photographers have approached these two aspects of ‘the present’ during this century. A few of the photographers: Eugene Atget, Walker Evans, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Daido Moriyama, Rinko Kawauchi, Ryan McGinley, Paul Graham, Melinda Gibson, Yao Lu and Richard Prince.

Please donate £3 to Stills on the night to help them maintain the facilities for our use.

Faked Fake

Unfortunately due to last minute problems our speaker had to drop out – but we muddled through and faked a discussion on FAKE. Thanks to James for stepping in to lead the discussion and Evan for providing excellent last minute technical support.

We started by considering what Fake meant to us in connection with photography. The definition Google provides is mainly negative –

adjective: fake

not genuine; imitation or counterfeit. “she got on the plane with a fake passport”
synonyms: forgery, counterfeit, copy, sham, fraud, hoax, imitation, mock-up, dummy, reproduction, lookalike, likeness;
phoney, pirate, knock-off, rip-off, dupe “one of the sculptures was found to be a fake”
counterfeit, forged, fraudulent, sham, imitation, false, bogus, spurious, pseudo;
worthless, invalid;
phoney, dud “he gave his wife fake banknotes”
imitation, artificial, synthetic, simulated, reproduction, replica, ersatz, plastic, man-made, dummy, false, mock, sham, bogus, so-called;
pretend, phoney, pseudo “they adorn themselves with fake diamonds”
antonyms: genuine (of a person) claiming to be something that one is not. “a fake doctor”
synonyms: charlatan, quack, mountebank, sham, fraud, humbug, impostor, pretender, masquerader, hoodwinker, hoaxer, cheat, cheater,
deceiver, dissembler, trickster, confidence trickster, fraudster; conman, con artist; confidence man”that doctor is a fake”

noun: fake; plural noun: fakes

a thing that is not genuine; a forgery or sham. “fakes of Old Masters”
synonyms: forgery, counterfeit, copy, sham, fraud, hoax, imitation, mock-up, dummy, reproduction, lookalike, likeness; More
phoney, pirate, knock-off, rip-off, dupe “one of the sculptures was found to be a fake”
a person who falsely claims to be something. “I felt sure that some of the nuns were fakes”

verb: fake; 3rd person present: fakes; past tense: faked; past participle: faked; gerund or present participle: faking

forge or counterfeit (something). “she faked her spouse’s signature”
synonyms: forge, counterfeit, falsify, sham, feign, mock up, copy, reproduce, replicate;

Are all photographs fake? The translation of the three dimensional, moving world into that of the flat, still image distorted by lens aberrations, quantised by sensors, and re-coloured by film characteristics or post processing may seem realistic to us but our brains have been trained to make sense of the 2D picture. Research in the 1960s showed that the ability to recognise distances between objects in a 2D image (depth) has to be learned.

Counterfeit art abounds for famous artists, is so much produced for photography? Copyright infringement is everywhere but faked prints seem less common due to the lower prices of what is already a reproduced item. Is creating a homage of an iconic photo fakery? Even the desktop image of the borrowed laptop shows an instantly recognisable view of Yosemite, abet not the one that Ansel Adams took. Some instances of photographic fraud do exist, one example given was the ‘only photo of the three Bronte sisters’ – valuable not for the object but for what it depicts.

A real (unmanipulated) photo used out of context can be considered fake. Stock imagery attached to news stories often leads to the model becoming a murderer/sex fiend/laughing salad eater in the eyes of the public. Real Syrian orphan images are unfortunate in the ease they may be found but a nicely staged artistic shot is the one that goes viral. A real photo from Manchester’s city centre at New Year spawned a host of artistic fakes. Staged photos often cause controversy – should wildlife photographer of the year be renamed tamelife? And un-staged photos of wildlife even more so.

Looking through the article “10 of the Most Famous Photo Hoaxes Through History” for Flavorwire by Emily Temple a common theme emerges. The success of the faked photo lies in the viewers wanting to see and believe the image, from fairies at the bottom of the garden to UFOs.

Thanks to everyone who brought in work (some of it framed!) and hopefully the original talk can be rescheduled for later in the year as the variety within this topic seems to bear more discussion.

January 2016 – Fake

The next meeting of the DCC will be on the 7th of January from 7pm at Stills.

The theme “Fake” will be presented by Keith Didcot. More information to follow soon.

Please donate £3 to Stills on the night to help them maintain the venue.

2016 Photo Book Group January

The new DCC book group got off to a flying start and will be meeting on the third Tuesday of the month from 11am at a variety of venues.
The next meeting is on Tuesday the 19th of January at Spoon, Nicholson St, from 11am.
Please see the Photo Book Group page for the latest meeting information.

The books discussed at the last meeting were –
David Schroerner – Photographs
Matthew Porter – Archipelago
Rinko Kawauchi – 2001
Michael Zide – Secret Spaces
Walker Evans
Saul Leiter – Retrospective

Saul Leiter – Retrospective (Haus der Photographie) from on Vimeo.

2016 January to June Themes

January – Fake – Keith
February – The Present – George
March – Solitude – Dan
April – Wild – Phil
May – Dancing about Architecture – James
June – Open

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