The next meeting of the DCC will be on 3rd July at 7pm sharp and the
theme is THRESHOLD.
The meeting will be hosted by the extremely creative and talented
Elaine Robson and these are her words:

July’s theme is Threshold. The term has plenty of scope for
interpretation as it is used by many specialities, here are some
definitions to prompt your imagination or to remind you of projects
from your archives.


1. A piece of wood or stone placed beneath a door; a door-sill.
2. An entrance or a doorway, a region marking a boundary.
3. The place or point of beginning; the outset, the starting point of
a new state, experience, event, or venture.
4. The strength at which a stimulus is just perceived. The point that
must be exceeded to begin producing a given effect or result or to
elicit a response (limin).
5. A level or point at which something would happen, would cease to
happen, or would take effect, become true, etc.
6. The minimum intensity or value of a signal, etc, that will produce
a response or specified effect.

It is sometimes a simple place such as a door sill, but a threshold is
always a point where change occurs as you cross it. One place changes
to another. One state of being or mind changes to another.

It is a point chosen to denote the change in levels of a social
categorisation system: the poverty threshold, the electoral

The word threshold has meanings in evolution, biology, ecology,
toxicology, pathology, neuroscience, maths, physics, electronics, data
compression, cryptology, education, and many more…

In digital image processing terms it is a way to segment a scaled
image into a pure black and white (binary) image.

Have a great month of image making and see you in July,

Notes from July 2014 –

The four seascape photographers were: Gustave Le Gray, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Garry Fabian Miller and Iain Stewart.

The image selection considers the Threshold topic with relation to: Inside/Outside, Public/Private, Known/Unknown, Ancient/Modern, Urban/Rural, Man/Nature, Before/After, Youth/Age, Safe/At risk, Comfort/Pain, Equality/Inequality, True/False, Life/Death, Defining moments – Global/Personal and how we carry our own limits (thresholds) with us.

The two books mentioned were : The Ongoing Moment – Geoff Dyer and The Poetics of Space – Gaston Bachelard.

A list of images referred to can be found here.