The next meeting will take place on Thursday 7th of May at Stills, 7pm.

Good people of the DCC,

This is a reminder for the next meeting, coming up on May 7th on the theme of Underground. I hope my theme inspires you towards some interesting interpretations and I very much look forward to seeing your images.

For my introduction I will be looking at underground in the literal geographical sense, from giant crystal caves in Mexico to guerilla exploration of abandoned tube stations. I’ll be exploring (sorry) how documentary photography of these distant, dangerous, secretive and strange places has moved beyond mere record keeping to seek hidden beauty and build captivating narratives.

We shall follow the same comment and critique format as last month, so if you have created any images specifically for the theme, please let me know in advance.

Also, if you’ve got any ‘parish notices’ that you’d like to share, come prepared.