All DCC members past and present are invited to my upcoming exhibition ‘When Your Ship Comes In’ in the Memorial Room at Summerhall.



The exhibition will take the form of a ten year retrospective. There will be iconic images from the early days of Camera Club, but also many previously un-exhibited images from my current work.


There will be writing, video, and a mountain of photo-books. If you need any further incentive, the exhibition will see the premiere of a re-configured video featuring a legendary musical performance I gave at Stills in April 2012. The original video was shot on a camera phone by Chloe Kippen. Comparisons with the re-discovery of Kantor’s ‘Water Hen’ video are not far fetched.


The exhibition runs for one weekend only: Saturday March 12th and Sunday March 13th. I will be present throughout. There is a preview on the Friday night 6.30 to 8.30pm to which you’re all invited.