March’s theme will be “Solitude”. Hosted by Dan Clipsom.

When: Thursday 3rd March from 7pm
Where: Stills

Just a reminder that I will be presenting next Thursday night on the theme of Solitude and steering the discussion around the work you bring to present.

I think it’s quite a broadly interpretable theme, whether solitude refers explicitly to the subject matter or implicitly as you look through the eyes of the photographer. It could be literal solitude in the sense of physical isolation, or you might consider aspects of social solitude and exclusion in the context of the local community or the global family.

I’ll be putting together a slide show exploring how the artists and photographers who have inspired me convey solitude. And those of you who know my work would probably say they were quite successful.

Please donate £3 to Stills on the night to help them maintain the facilities for our use.