The Democratic Camera Club (DCC) was started in December 2009 at Stills.

The DCC is open to everyone and usually meets on the first Thursday of the month. (Please double check the meeting post as occasionally date or venue may change.) Map.

Democratic Camera Club Manifesto

  • The DCC is a group of artists and photographers engaged in creating visual art: primarily photography.
  • The DCC meets monthly to provide inspiration and thoughtful feedback to its members.
  • All are welcome to participate in group discussion and exhibit work.
  • There is no obligation to exhibit or partake in the discussion.
  • Every image must have an idea underpinning it and a title (however ‘Untitled’ is an acceptable title).
  • Works in progress and unfinished series are welcomed.
  • Those exhibiting must give a brief rationale behind the image(s) on display.
  • Technique and fancy equipment is not a substitute for good ideas and creativity, therefore
  • technical chat to be kept to bare minimum.
  • The important thing is the image, the ideas and the response it provokes – everything else is peripheral.
  • Be nice.