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Tuesday 5th February – Darkness

This months topic is Darkness – apt for this time of year in Scotland.

Photographers like Brassai and Bill Schwab used artificial light and the effects of swirling fog to great effect depicting the urban environments of Paris and Michigan. Others have painted light into the darkness such as Susan Hillbrand and Jozef Sedlak or used low-key techniques to great effect like Arnold Newman. Perhaps the most important photographs of darkness though are those which shine the light on the dark heart of society and lead to reform as per Lewis Hine‘s work exposing child labour practices and campaigning for reform.

Photobook Group February 2017

The next meeting of the Photobook Group will be at the Checkpoint Cafe at 11am on Tuesday February 21st.

It’s a small, informal gathering.  Just bring one Photobook to discuss with the Group while you have a cup of coffee.

The meeting is usually over by 12 noon.

Feb Photobooks

February 2017 – Nightlife

The next Democratic Camera Club will take place on Thursday 2nd February at 7pm at Stills.

The theme is NIGHTLIFE.Darkness can make things seem mysterious, exciting, and often frightening.

Many photographers have exploited this. Have a look at:

Todd Hido – Houses at Night;

Maciej Dakowicz – Cardiff After Dark;

Daisuke Yokota – Nocturnes.

What does Nightlife mean to you?

Bring along one or more prints to illustrate your interpretation of the theme. As usual, you are free to interpret this theme in anyway that you see fit.

Simply bring along your photo, or short series of photos, in printed form.

Doors open 6.30pm for 7pm start.

(The club is open to everyone who likes to take photographs and talk about them. You don’t have to present any work if you don’t want to. Just come along and join in the discussion.)

Please donate £3 directly to Stills to help them maintain their facilities for our use.


February 2016 – The Present

February’s theme will be “The Present”. Hosted by George Clerk.

When: Thursday 4th February from 7pm
Where: Stills

I’m planning to look at the ways ‘the present’ has been explored in photography by briefly looking at how a few photographers in the past have represented ‘the present’, both in relation to the current world around them, and to attempts to represent the ‘present moment’, something that perhaps photography has an opportunity to do well.

Then I’ll be looking at the ways that photographers have approached these two aspects of ‘the present’ during this century. A few of the photographers: Eugene Atget, Walker Evans, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Daido Moriyama, Rinko Kawauchi, Ryan McGinley, Paul Graham, Melinda Gibson, Yao Lu and Richard Prince.

Please donate £3 to Stills on the night to help them maintain the facilities for our use.






These pictures were taken at Quartermile. I find buildings often most attractive whilst they are still in the state of construction. As for deconstruction, I got quite excited that there were so many forms and guises this Meccano-like structure could become through the lens.

Others can be viewed on my blog.





7pm, Thursday 5th February 2015 at Stills.

Message from February’s host, Nick Haynes:

The theme for the next Camera Club meeting on Thursday 5th February is ‘Construction/Destruction’.

I’ll be talking about historic architectural photography in Scotland, but if you are bringing photos along, please don’t feel constrained to buildings and engineering.

You might want to think about:

Different interpretations of construction and destruction. There are nine distinct meanings of ‘construction’ and four meanings of ‘destruction’ listed in the Oxford English Dictionary. What does construction/destruction mean to you? Is it the action of making/destroying something, or is it the object that is created/destroyed? The state of transition and the creative or destructive processes might be of interest in themselves, e.g. fire, natural decay, demolition.

Construction/destruction might refer to man-made things (cities, buildings, structures, roads, railways, tramways, parks, gardens, sculptures, artworks, furniture, objects, stage sets, even words, equations, geometry, music and ideas …) or things from the natural world (birds’ nests, spiders’ webs etc. ).

Photographing something related to either ‘construction’ or ‘destruction’, perhaps contrasting in subject matter; or maybe creating a series of images showing the lifecycle of a single object in construction and destruction.

Sometimes the spaces created for new buildings or the spaces left behind after demolition can be interesting, provide unusual views to other buildings/structures/objects, or be filled with temporary buildings, machinery and construction workers. Buildings that are empty following construction or in preparation for demolition can have a completely different atmosphere to a building in use. Can that be captured in a photograph?

If you are thinking about buildings, there are several big sites in Edinburgh and Glasgow that are being, or are about to be, developed and might provide some inspiration.


South side of St Andrew Square,
St James Centre;
Royal High School;
Holyrood Road student flats;


Queen Street Station;
Gallowgate flats;
Springburn Winter Gardens;
Glasgow School of Art;
Odeon Cinema;
Various subway stations.

The new Queensferry Crossing and the Borders Railway are other major construction sites that are worth seeing. Obviously I’m not encouraging anyone to enter a building site, light a fire or damage a building, and some corporate owners are jumpy about interior photography – all these places can be seen from a safe distance outside!

Happy snapping!


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