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Tuesday 2nd July – Open Night

This month is for personal projects whether they be a germ of an idea, a work in progress or a completed body of images. Come along for some constructive criticism on your own project or to see what the photographic zeitgeist is.

Everyone welcome.

Tuesday 3rd July – 60×60

The next DCC meeting will be on Tuesday July 3rd at 7pm at the Outhouse on Broughton Street Lane.

Last month six photographers participated in the 10×10 challenge and took 10 shots in 10 minutes. This month we will be bringing 10 prints to pass around and discuss for a minute per image. Hence the title of the monthly meet-up: 60×60. Hopefully if all has gone to plan we will have 60 prints to look at.

If you missed the last meeting it is not to late to take your own 10×10 challenge and bring the results along to share. Pick a place, set a timer and create.

Last month’s reading touched upon how photographers capture and collect the moments around them, but also how the reality depicted in the print and the reality of life differ greatly. Did those 10 minutes preserve something real? Was art or artefact created?

Everyone is welcome to attend, we look forward to seeing you there!

As we experiment with new formats for the monthly meetings we would appreciate any ideas or feedback for improving – leave a comment here, tweet, facebook message or comment on instagram!

Advance warning – in August we intend to have one or two festival exhibition meet-ups. Do send your suggestions in for shows or exhibitions to check out!

July 2016 – Form

David Buchanan will introduce Form for this months theme on Thursday 7th July from 7pm at Stills.

This month’s theme is Form. I will explore Form through the work of sculptors (such as Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore), painters (e.g. Alison Watt) and photographers: Edward Weston, Lucien Clergue, and others.

In preparing your own work for the theme you may wish to be guided by these quotations:

Wikipedia: Form is the shape, visual appearance, constitution or configuration of an object. In a wider sense, the form is the way something is or happens.

Paul Hill: Form, in photography, refers to the arrangement or ‘gestures’ of shapes made by the tones, not necessarily by the objects photographed.

Paul Hill: There could be as much grandeur in a photograph of forms made by the light and shade on the back wall of your house as there is in the picture of a distant mountain range.

But, don’t feel limited by them.

Please donate £3 directly to Stills on the night to help them maintain the gallery.

What Remains

Our next meeting will be at Stills on Thursday the 2nd of July at 7pm.

Paul Charlton who will hosting his theme ‘WHAT REMAINS’. Paul is an Edinburgh based artist who sometimes uses photography in his practice – and he’ll be talking about his print making and recent projects. This promises to be a very interesting evening, so I look forward to seeing you there.

See Paul’s current show at the Edinburgh Printmakers – Breathless.

July will see the start of a £3 donation to attend the DCC. The fee goes directly to Stills to help its running costs .


The next meeting of the DCC will be on 3rd July at 7pm sharp and the
theme is THRESHOLD.
The meeting will be hosted by the extremely creative and talented
Elaine Robson and these are her words:

July’s theme is Threshold. The term has plenty of scope for
interpretation as it is used by many specialities, here are some
definitions to prompt your imagination or to remind you of projects
from your archives.


1. A piece of wood or stone placed beneath a door; a door-sill.
2. An entrance or a doorway, a region marking a boundary.
3. The place or point of beginning; the outset, the starting point of
a new state, experience, event, or venture.
4. The strength at which a stimulus is just perceived. The point that
must be exceeded to begin producing a given effect or result or to
elicit a response (limin).
5. A level or point at which something would happen, would cease to
happen, or would take effect, become true, etc.
6. The minimum intensity or value of a signal, etc, that will produce
a response or specified effect.

It is sometimes a simple place such as a door sill, but a threshold is
always a point where change occurs as you cross it. One place changes
to another. One state of being or mind changes to another.

It is a point chosen to denote the change in levels of a social
categorisation system: the poverty threshold, the electoral

The word threshold has meanings in evolution, biology, ecology,
toxicology, pathology, neuroscience, maths, physics, electronics, data
compression, cryptology, education, and many more…

In digital image processing terms it is a way to segment a scaled
image into a pure black and white (binary) image.

Have a great month of image making and see you in July,

Notes from July 2014 –

The four seascape photographers were: Gustave Le Gray, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Garry Fabian Miller and Iain Stewart.

The image selection considers the Threshold topic with relation to: Inside/Outside, Public/Private, Known/Unknown, Ancient/Modern, Urban/Rural, Man/Nature, Before/After, Youth/Age, Safe/At risk, Comfort/Pain, Equality/Inequality, True/False, Life/Death, Defining moments – Global/Personal and how we carry our own limits (thresholds) with us.

The two books mentioned were : The Ongoing Moment – Geoff Dyer and The Poetics of Space – Gaston Bachelard.

A list of images referred to can be found here.

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