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Tuesday 7th May – Hidden Edinburgh

The May meeting of the DCC is Tuesday 7th May from 7pm at the Outhouse on Broughton Street Lane.  

The theme is ‘Hidden Edinburgh (or your area)’ – bring along one or two prints or just come along for the discussion.  

New members are always welcome to join us for the evening and find out more.

Hidden Edinburgh Photo
Hidden Edinburgh – Fountainbridge Brewery site with Union Canal

For anyone new to the group, the Democratic CC (Democratic Camera Club) is a group of artists and photographers from across central Scotland who meet monthly in Edinburgh to provide inspiration and thoughtful feedback to members.

The Democratic CC’s interest is in the images, the ideas and the responses they provoke – technical chat is kept to a minimum! There is no requirement to become a ‘member’ and no fee to come along (apart from the cost of a drink).  

The next couple of meetings coming up are:

  • Tues 4th June: ‘Transition’
  • Tues 2nd July: Open Night

Suggestions please for themes and activities for the second half of the year!

AGM Update

The AGM generated lots of enthusiasm and ideas. We will spend the Summer consolidating these ideas whilst trying out new formats and venues. Please see the subsequent post about the next DCC meeting which will be on Wednesday June 6th at 7pm. Everyone is welcome as are all ideas!

AGM 3rd May 2018
Agenda Summary

1. Volunteers.

We discussed how to have a stress free experience volunteering with the DCC. The structure will be kept flat with people stepping in as needed to do the admin tasks. The responsibility of arranging meetings will lie with the regular members working together and we will try out some new formats to see how this can best be done.

2. Venues for meetings and exhibitions.

The Wash Bar was very welcoming and we all agreed it was a great place for an AGM or discussion type of meeting, however display space for work was limited so we will try another couple of venues which were suggested to see if they work better for the display of work.

3. Update Manifesto.

It was easier to agree what we were not. We are not a traditional camera club! We keep our options open so we can amend the manifesto as needed. We will meet, show physical work, discuss and debate but keep technical chat to the absolute minimum and make the reason/story behind the the work paramount.

4. Members.

Membership will be open to all and free. After the summer consolidation work and re-branding we will re-launch fully in September. In the meantime everyone is welcome to come along as usual while experiments with format and content take place. We welcome feedback on what members would like to do and see.

5. Format and content of meetings.

Several suggestions have been made.

-Having a topic over a few sessions with one meeting to discuss examples and texts, one to go out and make work collectively, one to critique what members have produced.
– Each member contributing one image (or text) on the theme for an initial topic debate before members work is viewed and discussed.
– Mixing the regular theme nights with exhibition visit/photobook reviews, critical reading discussion, long term project nights, archive visits, collection discussions, collaborative exhibitions/books, fun techniques to loosen up and inspire new work, site visits to make work…

We will try out a few of these new formats to see what people enjoy most.

We are setting up a Bank Of Ideas please leave a comment with what you would like to take part in? Comments are welcome on FB, Instagram and Twitter too.

May 2016 – Dancing About Architecture

The May meeting will be at Stills from 7pm on the 5th of May.

The theme is ‘Dancing about Architecture’; somewhat confusingly my is neither about either dancing nor architecture.

The title comes from a quote attributed to various people including Elvis Costello; he said ‘Writing about music is like dancing about architecture’ The point being that about the difficulty of using one art form to describe another.

With that in mind I’ll be talking about various efforts that visual artists have attempted to interpret other media and the interplay between various art forms.

For May’s DCC meeting all work shown must be made within the last month (I’ll be strict on this) and should be an interpretation of a work of art. If possible it would be good to hear poems or excerpts from books that have inspired your photographic work.

Looking forward to seeing you next month.

James Sinfield

Please donate £3 to Stills on the night to help them maintain their facilities for our use.


The next meeting will take place on Thursday 7th of May at Stills, 7pm.

Good people of the DCC,

This is a reminder for the next meeting, coming up on May 7th on the theme of Underground. I hope my theme inspires you towards some interesting interpretations and I very much look forward to seeing your images.

For my introduction I will be looking at underground in the literal geographical sense, from giant crystal caves in Mexico to guerilla exploration of abandoned tube stations. I’ll be exploring (sorry) how documentary photography of these distant, dangerous, secretive and strange places has moved beyond mere record keeping to seek hidden beauty and build captivating narratives.

We shall follow the same comment and critique format as last month, so if you have created any images specifically for the theme, please let me know in advance.

Also, if you’ve got any ‘parish notices’ that you’d like to share, come prepared.



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