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Wednesday 3rd October – Empty

3rd October 2018 Empty

Our next meeting is at the Outhouse from 7pm on Wednesday the 3rd of October. This months theme is “Empty”. Be inspired by the sudden quiet after the fringe, Eggleston’s empty America or interpret one of the words many definitions –

adjective: empty;

  • containing nothing; not filled or occupied.
  • (of words or a gesture) lacking meaning or sincerity.
  • having no value or purpose.

verb: empty;

  • remove all the contents of (a container).

noun: empty; plural noun: empties

  • a bottle or glass left empty of its contents.

October 2016 – Characteristic Considerations

The next meeting of the DCC will be held at Stills on Thursday 6th October 2016 from 7pm,  Donald Tainsh will be introducing the theme –
The theme will be “Characteristic Considerations”.
In presenting the theme I will look at the work of a fairly random selection of contemporary pinhole photographers and artists whose work, in my opinion, relates the characteristics inherent in pinhole photography to the characteristics of the images that the photographers present of their subject matter.
Your interpretation of the theme need not be limited to pinhole photography. In creating work, you should consider how it shows the relationship between the characteristics of your subject matter and those of whatever equipment, media and/or process that you choose to employ.
It’s a wide open theme and I look forward to seeing what you create in response.
Please donate £3 directly to Stills to help them maintain their facilities for our use.


Dear All,

The next meeting of the Democratic Camera Club will be on Thursday October 1st at 7pm at Stills.

The theme for the month is ABSENCE – and I will be your host for the evening.

I will be talking about absence in a variety of settings and interpretations; personal, physical and emotional – I’ve not yet decided which artists I will be speaking about, but you should expect some Lazlo Moholy Nagy as I usually find a way of shoehorning him into most of my conversations.

Please interpret the theme creatively and look forward to seeing you there in October.

Have a good month of images making.


A £3 suggested donation goes directly to Stills.


This months theme is Anonymous and will be hosted by Jamie McPherson on the 2nd of October at Stills.

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